Team Defy Gravity

                      We are from Mason OH at Gym-Nation gymnastics!

                    We have Defy Gravity classes and the first ever team for the sport of Bounce Boarding

In our Defy Gravity class we teach
Trampoline safety
     how to properly us the trampoline
     how to fall, crash, and safety roll
     how to bounce your highest
How to spin, flip, and do the proper grabs
     180, 360, 540, and 720s
     back flips, front flips, barrel rolls, and double's
     teaching over 30 grabs
We teach beginner, intermediate, and pro skills to age's 10 and up


Kyle Grable

24 years old
Attended Urbana University
I have been coaching tumbling for
5 years now at Gym Nation
Head coach of Team Defy Gravity

                                                                           Kyle Grable


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