Bounceboarding rules and judging


There are 3 different levels Beginner X, Intermediate X, and Pro X
Each level has different Difficulty score (example a 360 in Beg. X is worth 8 points. but in Pro X is worth 2 points)
There are 2 to 3 heats depending on the invitational
There are 2 judges that score the heat out of a possible score of 100 the average score is taken between both judges
At the beginning of each heat the boarder gives the judges a list of the 5 tricks they are going to be completed
The judges then asses the start value for the boarder (example a 360 spin = 8 points 180 spin = 4 points ........the start value of all 5 tricks = 31)
The border then starts his/her heat the heat starts when the first trick is preformed
Tricks are done with straight jumps in between each trick in Beginner X you get unlimited bounces but in Int. X and Pro X
tricks are done as follows (trick(360) land, bounce(straight jump), trick land, bounce(straight jump).) If an extra bounce is taken - 3 points will be given
If the border falls the heat is over and the last trick is scored
For ANY trick to count, the trick has to end with the bounce board hitting the trampoline. Except the last trick lands off the trampoline onto the floor or mat but the bottom of the board still has to hit the ground
At least 1 or more trick needs to involve the box / table trainer.
The last and final skill lands off the trampoline onto the floor, pit, or mat
If there is a tie breaker then the 2nd best heat score is taken, if still then the 3rd is taken

5 tricks are scored on difficulty, cleanness, height of trick, creativity, and style.
Scoring is out of 100 points
          Each trick is worth 20 points
                    10 points for difficulty
                    10 points for how the trick looks (grabs, spins, and flips)
-3 pts. for each extra bounce taken (except in Beginner X)
-3 pts. if the board touches off the trampoline on the padding
-5 pts. for touching down with hand and/or hands
-5 pts. for a repeat trick in the same heat
-5 pts. for doing a different trick then listed on the judges sheet 
-10 pts for falling to butt, knees, side, or head. (But the bottom of the board hits the surface first)
-20 pts. for a bail where the bottom of the board does not touch the surface first and the border falls
-20 pts. for not using the box / table trainer
-20 pts. (trick) for doing a trick above the skill level the border is listed at (example a Intermediate X rider doing a Pro X skill)

Judging Video Intermediate X

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